November 18, 2011 Part 2

Ok. Nobody has their crap together here! Another doctor came in and said they have decided to order Toridol for her pain. Ummm, no you aren’t! She has renal insufficiency and definitely can’t have that. Read her chart!
Then, the decision was made to give her Vicodin, orally. So, what do you know? A guy came in with a bucket full of needles and such to start an IV. We said “what is the IV for exactly”? It is to give her Vicodin. “What”??? We just discussed with the other doctor that she takes pills and she needs 1/2 of a PILL. He went to check on that and came back to tell us he was wrong. Geez! These kids always need an advocate. ALWAYS. Never leave your children only in the care of doctors. They screw up constantly!

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