Another kidney infection

Here we are in the very familiar emergency room of the Children’s Hospital. The school nurse called and said Brianna is in a lot of pain.  I picked her up, then called her pediatrician.  She said with her symptoms, we better go straight to the ER. Honestly, I don’t know why she has a pediatrician.  We ALWAYS have to go to the ER!

Brianna has vomited 6 times since we got here and is still in a lot of pain.  She has had 2 doses of pain meds, and is now receiving IV fluids.  This is most likely another kidney infection, so she will have to suffer until the antibiotics start working, in about 2 days!  We have already been here for 5 hours, and can hopefully go home in about an hour.

We have actually had a break from her infections for quite some time now. It almost felt like we were living “normal” lives. I just hope this is not another cycle of infections like before when they were every 2 weeks!  That was enough to make anyone crazy!

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