Something is still wrong

A week after Brianna’s kidney infection, her kidney still hurt and she had lumps in her neck. That, along with headaches, loss of appetite and feeling lousy, my fears and anxiety sky rocketed. If you are a parent of a child who has had cancer, all kinds of things run through your head.

Brianna has a high risk of developing what they call a secondary cancer because of the treatment she received the first and second time around. It is very likely for her to develop AML (leukemia) at any point in life now. She received extremely high doses of cyclophosphamide which is a contributing factor to developing AML. So, my heart was pounding.

I called her primary care physician who surprisingly got her in for a same day appointment. She examined her and said her posterior cervical lymph nodes are swollen. She performed a strep throat test as well as a test for mononucleosis and did blood work. All of that was done on Thursday. It is now Monday and we are still patiently awaiting results. UGH! Please let it be something minor! PLEASE!!!

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