Urgent Care Visit

Well, just when everything was going so well, Brianna started having kidney pain and her fever spiked to 104. She was laying in bed crying and couldn’t move. Brianna has never been one to cry so I knew she was in really bad shape. We went into Urgent Care who told us the wait was 1 1/2 hours when there was one person in the waiting room! Ugh. We left and went to the next closest clinic where the wait was only 30 minutes.

The doctor came in pretty quickly and assessed her. Well, not really. He listened to what I had to say and then started her on fluids, antibiotics and Tylenol. After an hour, he checked her temperature again and it had risen to 104.3. Brianna was freezing and shivering and in severe pain. We were sent home about an hour later and told to go to the ER if the fever persists. Brianna vomited several times on the way home and felt horrible. I hate seeing her in this condition.

She has been taking her antibiotics and is on her way to getting back to normal. Yay!


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